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Defy the elements, maintain the elegance.


Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a local, family-owned business exclusively serving the luxury residential market of Palm Beach County. We offer a unique monthly solution for the cleaning maintenance of your property’s exterior. From walkways, windows and coach lights, to outdoor furniture and verandas, our regular visits keep your entire property sparkling clean throughout the year while protecting your important investment.


Many of your Palm Beach neighbors have added our exterior cleaning service in addition to the professional housekeeping and contracted landscaping services they engage. Even with South Florida’s relentless onslaught of heat, rain, humidity and salt air, too often the exterior of the home is an afterthought with cleaning assigned sporadically and completed by untrained labor. The result can be damage to expensive surfaces and components, as well as unsightly buildup of dirt, mold and cobwebs.

With Exterior Cleaning of the Palm Beaches™maintaining the exterior of your luxury property has never been easier.

Our Services

We are a monthly one-stop solution for all your exterior cleaning needs:


  • Remove Mold, Bug-Webs, Dirt

  • Pathways & Driveways

  • Loggias, Verandas & Pool Decks

  • Walls & Windows

  • Roofs & Fencing

  • Custom Doors & Fixtures

  • Outdoor Furniture & More


Expect exceptional results from our professional team:

  • Local, Family-owned

  • References Available

  • Licensed & Insured

  • Polite & Discreet

  • Safety & Eco-Conscious

  • Courtesy Inspection Alerts

  • State of the Art Equipment

Feel Free to Call, Text or Email


“Palm Beach Exterior Cleaning has been a pleasure to work with. My property never has a chance to get dirty"


Audrey S.     


“I am very pleased with Hale and his team. They are very professional and the results are wonderful"


Clark G.


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